Advanced sustainability

There is more waste being disposed by the hour in our already overly polluted and unorganised landfills. Medical solid waste (MSW) is classified as hazardous solid waste based on the Indonesian regulation.

Determined to help prevent this issue from escalating any further, as sustainability and helping the community has always been of importance to Hollit.

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Development Made Sustainably

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Advanced Fabric Development

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The WICKING WINDOWS™ technology is printed on the skin-facing side of the fabric. As the wearer begins to sweat, the printed areas remain dry against the skin while small absorbent “windows” pull moisture to the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate and dry quickly. 

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STORM COTTON™ technology is a water repellent finish for cotton that offers protection from rain and snow while maintaining the natural comfort and breathability of cotton. The STORM COTTON™ finish gives improved performance over other durable water repellent treatments by maintaining excellent repellency performance throughout the life of the garment.

Kapok Presentation

Kapok, a natural cellulose fibre found in the dried fruit of the kapok tree, is the most sustainable fibre in the market today, leaving no human footprint behind. It has numerous properties such as, being silky soft and dry to the touch, as well as antimoth, antimite and insulation properties. Kapok trees are self-sufficient and produce a soft, silky fibre.

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